What Can the Poconos Local Chamber Do for You?

As a small business in the Poconos you may wonder “Why should I join the chamber of Commerce?” As a Chamber member you will enjoy many benefits. The most important benefit that you will receive is business organization. As a member you will receive cooperation and assistance from the most capable firms in the community. You will make new contacts who will share resource and insight to the area. Another important benefit is publicity members receive exposure through publications, directories, and Web site listings. As well as exposure you will also receive valuable information about any and all regional and state issues, either by media articles, newspapers, personal visits, meetings or events.

In the Poconos Lake Mountain region there are four main Chambers that you may want to consider joining. The Pocono Lake Region Chamber of Commerce serves the visitors and businesses of the Wayne and Pike Counties. With a vast membership base that enjoys such benefits as access to affordable health care through the ChamberChoice plan, On Demand Energy solutions, cost effective advertising options, member to member discounts and the opportunity to make a difference in the community by sponsoring many community events as well as gaining a great support system.

The Wayne County Chamber of Commerce has been a unifying voice of business owner since 1929 with over 490 members. This membership enjoys such benefits as access to affordable health care though ChamberChoice plan, free referrals, free listing in the directory, Educational training seminars for you and your employees, and networking events like the annual dinner, mystery night, and half century dinner.

The Southern Wayne pike County Chamber of commerce is an independent non-profit organization operating for the overall betterment of the community and the Southern Wayne Region of Pennsylvania. It is committed to supporting local businesses and to providing the services that will benefit its members. With similar benefits to the above chambers it makes another great choice of chambers to join.

No matter what chamber you choose to join it will provide you with support that you may not receive on your own as well as free advertising and a great community base for your business. Everyone know it’s not “what you know” but “who you know” As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, you will have endless opportunities to meet with other members in order to promote your business and develop long-term relationships with them.

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