Top 6 Universities To Study Law Abroad – Best Universities To Study Law Abroad

Studying in a foreign land could provide many great opportunities with respect to competitive edge, world class facility and studying in one of the most researched countries of study.

There’s not only the possibility of a brand name associated with studying in a world class university but also an exposure that is beneficial forever. When it comes to abroad study, the field of Law is considered as one of the finest fields to study. When you decide to study law abroad, it not only gives the exposure to an international resource of knowledge, but presents an array of opportunities at an international level.

The Top 6 Law Universities Of The World Are Given Below

Yale University

This University is located in Connecticut; Yale School of Law is among the best destinations to study law abroad. The graduates of this school often become the presidents of the states and as well as the justices of the Supreme Court.

The Yale School of Law offers 4 degree programs. One can choose among the four, depending upon the bent of academic study.

Harvard University

Harvard School of Law is the most renowned law schools in the world to pursue academic brilliance in Law. Having students from all around the world, it can boast of its diversity and knowledge. Harvard School of Law offers 3 degree programs based on legal studies.

Stanford University

Stanford School  of Law is best advised on account of its curriculum and its strong alumni all over the country.

Stanford School  of Law offers 3 programs of master’s degree (all 1 year duration) and one doctoral degree only for graduates who have done their graduation outside United States.

Columbia University

This Law School is considered the best destinations to study law abroad. The Columbia Law School offers an undergraduate degree of three years and a L.L.M degree of one complete year. Session begin in the winter season.

The course curriculum is challenging and is committed for changes to come. The Columbia School of Law enrolls students from above 50 countries consisting of a varied legal professional work experience.

University Of New York

University of New York Law School was founded in the year 1835 and is considered the best law school to study law abroad. Its curriculum fosters academic excellence as well as has a batch of committed scholars in the legit profession. It has produced the best lawyers in the country.

It’s committed to having students from a diverse background and culture. University of New York is a front runner in programs of public service, global studies, clinical education and interdisciplinary studies. The session starts in the winter and is a full time course. The baccalaureate degree is an essential for the pursuit of studies in this university.

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University of California, Berkeley

This University offers quality education in the field of law, the laws related to intellectual property is considered to be one of the best, if studied here. Berkeley is one of the rarest schools of law that offer the environmental law programs.

The fact that a world class university will carry a permanent spot in your curriculum vitae, it will be of no surprise anymore, if you find anybody raising an eyebrow while looking at your curriculum vitae.

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