The Easy Way To Develop Will

Most people say “I cannot quit” because they lack the willpower to quit. Perhaps you’ve even claimed it yourself. This is the number one indication of giving up.

Self-determination is the power or ability to make a decision for oneself or resist against temptation without influence from outside. When talking about addictions, it’s our unconscious or comatose mind that’s in control.

An Addiction comes in stages, through experiments, abuse, and making it a habit over time.

In the 1st stage, this includes experiments, you believe you still have power over it. Sadly for many youngsters, the transition from teenager to adulthood involves a lot going on in the body, and this gets them off guard hence making coherent thought difficult. At this point the brief benefit an enticement brings seems to outweigh any other issues in their lives.

The second stage is when it’s difficult to stop the experiments and one turns to misuse. While one incidence of abuse does not necessarily mean there is a problem, repeated occurrences will indicate an inline toward being addicted. For many this can also be start of denial stage.

The third stage is the presence frequent abuse, this is now abuse. It’s at this point where your unconscious brain in now in charge. Many a times you may aware about the results and even swear that you cannot become a victim of enticement again, You seem to enjoy the non permanent benefits you are getting.

The 4th state is when one depends on it; the enticement has gone from a desire to a real requirement. At this point your thoughts are obsessed with whatever they’re hooked on and they become subject to personality change if they don’t get that one thing they believe will fulfill their needs.

Determining what step to take at any point will largely depend on what stage you are we dealing with. It becomes a bit easy when the person is just experimenting, because at this point insisting on the dangers of the misuse can be helpful.

Occasionally a single prevalence of abuse is sufficient to alarm somebody. Sometimes, persuasion is required. Other treatments like hypnosis may be effective. There is no question that hypnosis has the power to enhance memories by improving the mechanisms by which we create and retrieve them.

Once you advance to dependency and abuse stages, it’s time for extreme measures.

Whatever the case is, with temptation, successful treatment will include:

  • Therapy to remove the main cause of the issue. Finding out exactly what causes one to misuse or abuse.
  • Hypnosis to make the comatose brain aware about the fast and long-term effects of abuse.

Despite having the determination or will power all these will depend on whether your unconscious brain can retrieve the long term consequences of the enticement.

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