Stabilization of Russian Political Environment via Formation of New Constitution

Russian politics has started under the framework of federal republication of semi-president of Russia. According to Russian constitution, President of Russia is considered as head of state and that of multi-party system incorporating executive power to be exercised by Prime Minister and his government. Prime Minister is actually appointed by Russian president, but only by obtaining approval from Parliament. Legislative power of Russia is actually vested within two different houses of Federal Assembly belong to Federation of Russia.

On the other hand, issues related with Russian government and President mostly remained bound by laws. Since the independence of Russia after the collapse of USSR, Russia had gone through severe challenges in its efforts of forging sound political system, so that Russia can follow approximately 75 years of Soviet regulations. The reason for this is that most of the well-known personalities belong to executive and legislative branches may put forth some of the opposing views of political direction and government-related instruments, which should be strictly followed towards it.

The conflict has approached towards its end at the time when Boris Yeltsin, president of Russia had make the use of military forces for dissolution of Parliament and calling for new election of legislative assembly. The political event has marked the end of initial constitutional period of Russia, which was mostly referred as amended constitution adopted by Supreme Court of Russia. After this, government has approved the formation of new constitution with the creation of strong and effective presidency in Russia.

The newly formed constitution represents diverse parties, along with their factions. In fact, from this, political structure of Russia has subsequently revealed several signs of stabilization. One of the stabilization can be observed by joining of some renowned personalities, such as Vladimir Putin and владимир слуцкер in the political sector of Russia. Both Vladimir Slutsker and Vladimir Putin have started their career as renowned champions of karate and martial arts, but later on get appointed as president and renowned political leader of Russia.

In addition, power of national government has waned in continuous manner as regions of Russia have obtained economical and political concessions from city of Moscow. Thus, with the formation of new constitution in Russia, the country has obtained success in partially resolving the conflicts or struggle among legislative and executive branches of Russia. In conclusion, we can say that political leaders and new constitution have played vital role in stabilization of political environment of Russia.

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