Roman Wolczak’s Tips on Architectural Photography in Sydney

Architecture photography in Sydney offers many different challenges. In technical terms, buildings can be tough to photograph, and the key to attaining a perfect snap is:

  • Understanding image distortion and
  • Finding the right time to snap the building at its most captivating moment

Commercial photographer Roman Wolczak explains facts that will help.

Solution to Distortion

When we look at a typical building, we see lines running both horizontal and vertical. Often, these lines often distorted and make an image look warped. This warping is nothing but image distortion. It occurs when a snap is taken from a wrong point or by the use of improper equipment.

Image distortion will occur in some amount when snapped with SLR cameras. An option is to shoot right in front of the building. It might limit photographic options but will also lower the chances of distortion in an image.

The ideal cameras for architectural photography are View cameras. They minimize distortion and allow shooting from any angle. Investing in a View camera is a wise choice for those serious about architectural photography.

The lens can also make an image look distorted. A wide-angle lens will make the front of the building appear massive vied to the rear.

While photographing a tall building, it’s wise not to shoot near to the base. It will make the base look too large compared to the top. In posh areas, for architectural photography in Sydney, find a high vantage point, to take the snap.

Lights for creating a mood

Various lights can bring out many varying moods in a building. In fact, like other genres of photography, the time of a day can make a big difference to an image. Lighting at night can transform the mood of a building that looks plain and uninteresting during the day. Photographers must also try to convey a story through an image. This creates more appeal allowing the image to stand out. Side lighting can create shadows along the front of the building. This can also add an excellent mood to any image.

Most buildings are best captured in the evening when there is slight detail left in the sky. To make an image stand out, a photographer doesn’t always require costly equipment. Sometimes what’s there can help and assist the best possible way. All that’s required are spare batteries and storage or memory cards.


Architectural photography doesn’t end with snaps from the outside of the building. The interiors also keep vital importance in many cases. Great care should be taken when photographing the interiors as there will be many elements, enough to distract the final output. A photographer should selectively remove any object that may interfere with the image result.

Architecture photography is a sophisticated yet adventurous project to take on. The rewards are great for any who masters the techniques of snapping a building. Like all types of photography – practice makes perfect.

These pieces of information can help both photographers and buyers. Find some of the excellent examples at Roman Wolczak’s Portfolio at Mr. Wolczak’s professional architectural photography in Sydney is one of a kind and buyers can reach him at +61 423 237 674.

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