Republic Day Celebrations in Karnala and Panvel

Republic Day of India is the day celebrated by Indians with pride and inspiration. It is one of the countrywide National celebrations. Declared as a National Holiday, most of the Government departments, political parties and even many private institutions celebrate it by arranging flag hoisting events in their premises. Panvel city located near Mumbai hosts grand Republic Day Celebrations in most of its schools. The atmosphere is like a festival with everyone keen to attend the celebrations in and around the city. Karnala a renowned town in Raigad district of Maharashtra is located on a height of 473 m surrounded by dense green forests and lofty mountain ranges on either side offering it a pure and healthy climate. Many places in this town like most popular historic fort and the nearby Bhavani temple offer prime importance to this place from tourist point of view. Trekkers from all over Maharashtra gather here to conquer the pinnacle of Karnala a steep rocky structure which is visible from a long distance. Picnickers from nearby cities find the fort of Karnala most convenient place to go for a one day trek. In order to celebrate Republic Day in a totally unique way many trekking groups celebrate this day on the fort itself.

The reserved forests of Karnala are home for a huge variety of birds along with large number of migratory birds visiting the jungles during particular period. Bird enthusiasts from distant places visit this place which is the heaven for nature lovers, trekkers and one day picnickers. Visitors from the nearby metro cities keep on flocking to Karnala throughout the year and find hotels and resorts located near Karnala more convenient to take a halt. Most of the time these resorts and hotels, are buzzed up with visitors coming here to spend a day or two in the calm of nature. Region surrounding fort and bird sanctuary mostly comprises of villages. Roughly there is one school between two three villages. Republic day is celebrated in these schools when students are seen rushing to the schools to attend the morning flag hoisting ceremony. The school headmaster or headmistress hoists the tricolor in the premises of the school and sweets or some eatables are distributed in some of the schools.

National celebrations like Republic Day celebrations in Karnala are observed in the Government offices, prime villages and schools of Karnala region. Many hotels celebrate republic day in Karnala. We celebrate Republic Day at Panoramic resort in Karnala which is located at a prime location on the road between Panvel and Karnala bird sanctuary. The resort is spread on a huge piece of land having beautiful surroundings. Due to the splendid outer space it is most suitable for family functions as well as functions arranged by corporate bodies. Most of the times our resort is buzzed up with some sort of function or party arranged on the outer space and supported with our own dining and catering arrangements. Among the parties arranged here New Year’s Party, Diwali celebrations, Holi celebrations and Republic Day celebrations are the most popular among the visitors. Every year on 26th of January Republic day is celebrated with a great fervor and a national feeling at our resort. The interiors of the resort are well decorated and exteriors kept neat and clean where flag is hoisted in presence of the resort staff, neighboring citizens, guests and visitors of the resort. This simple ceremony is arranged at around 9 AM in the morning. The atmosphere at the resort is full of national feeling and respect towards our nation. The function carried on in a disciplined manner concludes with a short speech delivered by chief guest describing the importance of the day.

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