Pictures of Cleveland kidnap victims

Three missing women Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight were found on Monday (May 6, 2013) after ten years of being held captive in a house of horror on Seymour Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio.

Miss Berry, 26, disappeared after leaving her job at a Burger King – at West 110th Street and Lorain in 2003. She went missing a day before her 17th birthday. Meanwhile, Miss Knight was last seen at a cousin’s house near West 106th Street and Lorain Avenue as she was 20. In 2004, Miss DeJesus vanished at the age of 14 after leaving her middle school at West 105th Street and Lorain. Their disappearances captured the attention of the entire city for the past decade because their relatives have continually held vigils and kept the story alive in the local press. And the captives were finally rescued from their suburban prison as Amanda Berry began screaming from behind the locked front door of the home on Monday evening. Her shouts for help were heard by a neighbour named Charles Ramsey, who broke the door to get her out. Amanda then fled the home and called 911.

The three young women were reportedly chained and gagged inside the house for a long time. They were also raped repeatedly over the last ten years, resulting up to five pregnancies and the birth of 6-year-old girl Jocelyn, Amanda Berry’s daughter. One victim even suffered up to three miscarriages because she was so malnourished. It was also claimed that the women would be beaten when they became pregnant so that the babies would not survive.

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight and little girl Jocelyn are now in good health at Metro Medical Center hospital despite suffering from severe dehydration and slightly malnourished. Their captors were arrested at a nearby McDonald’s. They are Ariel Castro, 52, the owned the property and his brothers Onil, 50, and Pedro, 54. All three Castro brothers were together when they were arrested. Ariel Castro, a former bus driver, is being charged with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. His brothers are not being charged in the case but they are set to appear Thursday morning in Cleveland Municipal Court related to outstanding warrants out on both men for misdemeanor cases.

Amanda Berry (center) and her six-year-old daughter Jocelyn were rescued after she made a brave bolt to freedom on Monday (May 6, 2013).

Amanda Berry, who is now 26, went missing at age 16 in 2003 while on her way home from a job at Burger King.

(Left – Right) Ariel Castro, 52, and his brothers Pedro Castro, 54 and Onil Castro, 50, were arrested and held on suspicion of rape and kidnapping. They are the suspects who kidnapped three young women Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight and held them against their will for ten years.

Gina DeJesus, 23, disappeared at the age of 14. During the time of being imprisoned, she was treated like animals, forced to walk on all fours with dog collars around their necks and controlled by the captors in the back garden of the house.

Michele Knight vanished when she was 20. Since then, she spent her days and nights captive at 2207 Seymour Avenue, a 1,400-square-foot home in one of Cleveland’s oldest neighborhoods for ten years.

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