Mr. Perfect Does Not Exist – How to Find the Closest One

First things first – Mr. Perfect does not exist. It really is a waste of time for girls to try and find that one guy who matches all their requirements for a partner. That doesn’t mean women should stop looking however. The fact is that the perfect man does not exist in the same way that Ms. Perfect isn’t a living breathing human being. This means that women and men should learn to compromise in order to find that enduring relationship they’ve all been looking for.

What Women Want

A lot of women are hankering for “The One”. Unfortunately, it’s been long established that Mr. Perfect does not exist and will remain a figment of the female imagination for years to come. Therefore, it’s just not possible to find a man with the whole package starting from a handsome face, killer body, money to burn, emotional openness and sense of humor. Don’t forget the fact that every person comes with these little idiosyncrasies that some individuals might find annoying.

Top Turn Offs for Women

A recent survey shows that all women aren’t completely happy with their partners. Although this is expected, the reasons for the dissatisfaction in most relationships tend to be the same. The following are some of the most common turn offs for women on men.

•  Having a thick beard that is never shaved.
•  Leaving the toilet dirty.
•  Not being able to get on with her friends and family.
•  Farting and burping.
•  Not helping with cooking food or washing up after eating.
•  Driving too fast.
•  Not being good with children, dogs or any of her pets.

Finding the Closest Mr. Perfect

So what does it take to find the closest guy to Mr. Perfect? The secret is really to compromise. Women should learn to let the small things go and not change their partners completely. Remember that every person has their own flaws – even you. Think of it as a give and take situation. Women wouldn’t try to change their men and men would do the same thing. By accepting each other’s little flaws while polishing and correcting the big ones, a near-perfect relationship can be achieved.

Finding Mr. Almost-Perfect will also requires tons of communication between couples. It is important the females let the males know of any problems or habits that annoy them in the relationship. In some cases, the male will try to change these habits while in others; the female will just have to adjust to them. Remember that on the flipside, there could also be some female habits that annoy the male, putting the couple on equal footing. Try talking about these little annoyances with each other and learn to change those problems or at least come to an understanding about them.

Keep in mind that good relationships do not just happen – they need to be worked on. Hence, accept the idea that Mr. Perfect does not exist and instead aim for attaining the ideal relationship which requires input from BOTH people.

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