In Times Of Economic Uncertainty, Investors Should Buy Gold Bullion

When looking at creating financial security over time to provide for you and your families future, the best strategy is to diversify your assets so that you have more than one guarantee of income should some options fail or decrease dramatically in value. The old adage of not putting all your eggs in one basket has particular validity when you are referring to your nest egg.

Besides traditional retirement accounts, stocks and bonds and other investment accounts, collecting gold coins is another way to invest money that can give you a higher return in the future and if you have an interest in coins, can be an interesting way to grow your wealth. The kinds of gold coins available for purchase in today’s market is widely varied and it will take a little research into which ones are the best choices for investment purposes if you are new to the world of collectible coins.

As a general rule when looking for gold coins, stay away from any non-government issuer. There are companies that make collectible coins and call themselves a mint, but if they are not official government mints, their coins will not be investment value coins but simply novel collectible pieces that are fine for children or casual collectors, but most often are not made of solid gold or silver and won’t be worth much more than their face value in the future. You want to make sure the coins you choose are official government minted coins and are made of real gold.

Look for gold coins that are also rare such as gold coins that are more than one hundred years old. Many of these coins did not survive until the present day as they were melted down during periods of high gold value and high inflation to liquify the assets of many people who saw financial hardship during certain historical periods. These coins will have the extra value of being rare as well as being made of gold which will always have it’s bullion value as determined by the market value of gold at any time.

Another important factor when buying gold coins for investment purposes is that when you order them  through the mail, some companies will offer to let you store them in their vaults for safe keeping. This is not a good option to consider as you never know when there may be a crash in gold prices or some other financial crisis and the company holding your gold may sell out and leave you without your gold coins. Always get your coins shipped to you right away, then you can have them appraised if you feel you need to as well as store them under your own control and care such as in a bank safe deposit box or other secure location. This way you will always be assured of being able to access your gold  anytime you want to sell or trade it. Collecting these coins can give you an added edge in uncertain financial times and help to secure your future.


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