How Waste Disposal Companies Are a Key Part of Farming

Farmers help to make up the backbone of the UK’s food industry, growing crops, creating produce & biofuels and more! Agriculture in the UK takes up 69% of the land area in the country and produces around 60% of the food the country eats, meaning that it is an incredibly important industry.

However, there are a multitude of problems facing farmers in the country still. Arable farmers, who focus on growing crops, are constantly battling plant diseases, encroaching weeds, pests and the weather. However, the current change in climate has led to positive impacts on crop growth, with a study in Ireland finding that the increased levels of CO², lengthened growing season and warmer spring and summer were beneficial to barley and potato production.

Pastoral farmers, who breed livestock for milk, eggs, meat or wool, make up the main element of the country’s agricultural output. They often face the possibility of disease outbreaks and poor health, as well as having to think about animal disposal when these issues prove fatal. This is even more imperative during a major disease out-break when special precautions must be taken during fallen stock collection and animal recycling, to prevent further spread.

Luckily, there are specialist companies set up that can help pastoral farmers with all their waste disposal issues and needs, such as post mortems, animal disposal, agricultural & animal recycling and fallen stock collection.

Under the laws of the Diseases of Animals Act, diseases or suspected diseases within livestock must be declared to the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) as soon as possible, and the animal must be quarantined to try to stem further spread. If the animal has died due to a suspected illness or been slaughtered on the orders of the act, it must be disposed of properly, and following legal regulations, or the owner may be prosecuted.

This is where the specialist waste companies can really help. A lot of them are specially trained in dealing with animal disposal, and the destruction of carcasses from farms. This service can offer peace of mind to farmers who may be worried about any legal repercussions of incorrect disposal that they could potentially face.

If an animal dies suddenly, the farmer will naturally have questions surrounding the death, and want to know whether it is due to a disease that could potentially affect other livestock. Some of these waste disposal companies also offer a post mortem service which can be vital to preventing further losses. This can often be compounded with a fallen stock collection service that will lower the chance of any potential diseases being transmitted to the rest of the animals.

Some companies also offer agricultural and animal recycling services, which can be especially valuable given the reputation that some materials commonplace to agriculture have of being difficult to dispose of. There are also legislations in place that mean that meat and waste products must be separated from general food chain waste, which these companies ensure are followed.

For farmers based in the North East of England, they may be familiar with Warrens Group, who have been providing these services to farmers in the region since 1946. With an impressive 94% of collections completed within 24 hours, they can offer a broad range of services designed to help and support the farming community across the North East.

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