How to Make The Most of Your Engagement Photography Session?

Whether you’ve got engaged one week, one month or one year, your engagement photography session is a crucial wedding planning event most couple favorably anticipate. As engagement is the first formal celebration of any wedding schedule, it gives an opportunity to couples to get to know their wedding photographer. If the photographer is capable of capturing all their love through its camera lens, the wedding day photos will be highly stunning.

With the development of new trends, the leading wedding planners share what sets for the best engagement shoot, with thoughts from including your pets to a picturesque backdrop. Before you take your next step, do take a look at these tips to get images worth a million words.


In order to get the best photos, your engagement shoot location should be a place that is quite special to you and your partner. Perhaps you come across in college, watch movies together, or have a preferred scenic destination you love visiting. Basis the season on which you book, generally couples plan their photo shoot to play off the season in which they are supposed to wed. Even if couples will go for a summer wedding, the couple can choose to shoot in early spring, late winter and prefer a beach photography session. For an autumn engagement photo shoot, props such as blankets and scarves enrich images and enable for cuddling to seize the warmth between you and your partner.


When you discuss with reputed Calgary Engagement Photographers, you will get to know that the general trend in Calgary Engagement Photography is for the bride-to-be to wear white before the wedding day. The reason is the unmatched elegance and purity reflected from a while dress that can’t be subdued by any other color.

Outdoor Shoot

In general, outdoor shoot ideas can include the beach, the park typicallyfeaturing a bridge, a waterfall background, a mountain, a forest, a vineyard, a field or a barn. In most of the Calgary engagement photography shoots, the use of beautiful waves is pretty much common. According to photography experts, couples can choose to reserve their engagement shoot during sunrise or sunset for an even more spectacular backdrop. An open field in the park often invite art route from the photographer as couples walk through the park.

Add Props

One popular way is to use chalkboards mentioning your upcoming wedding date a custom message such as “Future Mr. & Mrs.,” “We’re Engaged!” Another option for couples is to hold up a cutout of ampersand. The ampersand carries the meaning of togetherness and the association of two things getting one.

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