How to define cosmetics quality


It’s hard to imagine life of a modern woman without cosmetics. Powder, mascara, lipstick, perfumes, moisturizing and anti-aging crèmes, various lotions… All these things help us not only look better, but also take care of our skin. Certainly, tastes (and budgets) differ, but not a single person should allow themselves use low quality cosmetics as this can lead to awful consequences.

If you haven’t yet found brand of cosmetics that fits you the best, I would recommend you to read cosmetics reviews – you can find a lot of those in the web. Pay special attention to reviews about Cosmetics quality – they will help you to avoid fakes. But, to make sure you know everything about low quality cosmetics, I’m going to give you some Cosmetics quality tips. So, there are several things that can tell about cosmetics quality:

Certificate. Ask shop-assistant to show you certificate on cosmetics they sell.

Package. High quality product has a package made of thick carton with a brand’s logo on the inner side of a box. All inscriptions are easy to read. Also, attached annotation must contain information about company’s address, date of production and expiry date.

Name. Very often frauds distort names of famous brands by changing letters or adding other ones. Be attentive!

Bar code. First two letter indicate the country-manufacturer. For example, if initial letters are 40-44, it means the product was made in Germany; 00-09 – US or Canada; 30-37 0 France; 80-83 – Italy; 45, 49 – Japan. Bar code must correspond to the country indicated on a package.  

Price and place where you make a purchase. Risk of buying fake cosmetics is low if you make purchase in a specialized store. Avoid buying cosmetics in small kiosks or suspicious places (Internet stores are not an exception!). And think twice before swallowing the bait of a low price – high quality cosmetics CAN”T be cheap!

Ingredients. Be attentive when reading the list of ingredients. Usually, they are written in descending order. Thus, it will not be hard for you to understand how natural cosmetics are.

Expiry date. The more natural ingredients cosmetics contain, the shorter expiry term it have. Important: make sure manufacturer provides information about terms of storage. Product with 2-3 expiry term can hardly be called natural and except preservatives has nothing.   

Capacity. As a rule, high quality natural cosmetics is manufactured in small capacities (30-50 ml) and almost don’t have any fragrance. Package should prevent any contact of cosmetics with environment. The best solution is cosmetics in tubes and bottles with hopper. Anyway, high quality cosmetics can’t be packed in a low-rank plastic.

Company’s reputation. I’d recommend you to collect information about a manufacturer. Usually, companies that produce high quality natural cosmetics have websites that provide consumers with comprehensive information about all available products. Certainly, companies that have their own plantations of medicinal plants should be in your priority.


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