How data can be damaged or lost

This is the time of making everything electric and computerized this era got revolution and arrival of computer in everything. When observed keenly it is known that nothing is in old and analog form same change happened in style and method of keeping data. Now days every firm, company, organization is keeping their all data in digital form. This data is normally kept in the form of database if consist on records and similar panels. The data is otherwise kept in some sort of external memory or portable storage devices. These devices are whether portable and can be moved easily from one place to the other place. These portable storage devices are much reliable and data of a company cannot be stored in such devices, these are used by domestic users and common users or in the process of data sharing and data moving. This storage media is comprises on different devices known as CDs, DVDs, RAID, USB flash drive, hard disk drives, solid state drives and many more. All these drives are in physical form and few of them can be fixed in a computer or attached to the personal computer such a hard disk drive, data can be stored in this drive which is available in many sizes of internal storage.

Data recovery is a process in which data is recovered if damaged or lost. Most of the things while using a computer automatically came in the system in the form of viruses and cyber bugs, especially if multiple users are using computer or if computer is a part of any network or using internet. These viruses are the main factor of data lost and data malfunctioning. Viruses are the codes of instruction which are formed to damage computer and data present in it. Installing a firewall and an anti virus is a computer is the part of data recovering process. These anti viruses are again a piece of codes and instructions which are installed in computer to remove viruses from a computer and fetching back the lost data. This may also be done on a very common level but in big firm data is also lost because of the same technique. These anti viruses are available in market in huge and a number of varieties and can be purchased easily. Forming of computer viruses and their curing anti viruses is not a difficult now days. Many people are now days working on the process of data recovering and data retrieval. Many fields and study subjects are introduced in which students are tends to study the ways by which data can be recovered if lost. The evolution about data recovery is spread and influenced so much that the common command of computer through which unnecessary data is deleted and cannot be fetched back can now processed again and many software are now formed which can do data recovery of such files which are deleted completely. As the data once kept in a computer can be restore and even permanently data is now recovered through data recovering software.

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