Good Ole Days

This story takes place in 1906 in Mohawk Arizona. There is no town there just a gas station the last I knew. In 1906 there were people there (I don’t know how many)and Ranches too. There were the Fosters and the Corona families. There were John and Rose Foster who lived on ranch and on another ranch next to the Fosters were the Coronas.

A 15 years old girl named Rita Foster has just married Ramon Corona 35. They were going to join the two ranches. They all agreed that the marriage was a thing to do. The ranches together would be more profitable.

Things went along pretty good, Rita and Ramon got along really well. Then Rita was pregnant. When it was time for the baby to come, Rita sat in the middle of the bed and said over and over” I’m not doing to do this”. Well needless to say the baby was born. It was a boy they named Ray (Ramon). They were very happy.

Life was good, Rita and Ramon got along great. They had a baby boy, the ranches were doing great all except John and Rose were not happy because they could not tell Ramon what to do.

Then there was good news another baby was on the way. Happy, happy! Time went by and the second baby was born. It was a girl. They named her Nell. They were just thrilled a perfect family.

Ramon had bought some horses. They already had cattle, milk cow, goats, a baby goat and some chickens. The horses were beautiful but still unbroken. They must be tamed down to ride and pull a wagon, and so on.

Time passes and Ramon is still braking the horses. Rita was doing the morning baking and went to get the milk and eggs to bake with. One of the ranch hands came to Rita and said ” Ramon is hurt bad and he can hardly breathe” . Rita sent for her father, John, to help Ramon while one went for the Doctor. Ramon was dead before anyone could help him.

Days later the two families buried Ramon. Many of Ramon’s family came from All over Mexico to see what they could do to help Rita and the Babies. What would They do? She was only 18 and had the two babies. How could she do all this work alone? She will need help. Ramon’s brother, Tomas said that he was single and he would be glad to marry Rita and raise the children as his own. That is if Rita would want to do this.

After much thought, Rita agreed to do this. That way they could still run the ranch. John and Rose were not happy about this at all, but Rita was 18 so it would happen.

This is a little different then how it would be done now, but it all worked out.

This story is true. Nell was my mother, Ray was my uncle.

That’s it for now, hope to see you again?

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