Facts to know when you are 32 and 33 weeks pregnant

The most evident change that you experience at 32 or 33 weeks pregnancy is the intensified kicking and punching from baby along with your increasing belly. The ultrasounds at this stage would reveal that the baby is completely formed and has become plump with the development of fat under the skin. You will also notice the sucking of thumb in the checkup along with fully functional eyes. Here are some facts to know at these stages of pregnancy.

32 weeks pregnant

  •  The visit to your healthcare practitioner would gear up from this week as he will ask you to come after every 2 weeks unlike the previous 4 weeks checkup. This is primarily done to monitor the weight development of your fetus.
  • At this week your baby will start to have hiccups which you can feel as short jerks inside your belly and is quite exciting. You will also experience the baby rolling inside your stomach at this stage.
  • It is this week that your baby will start taking first steps towards delivery that is turning inside to position the head towards birth canal. The descent towards the down side won’t begin just now but the baby will get positioned for birth.
  • As the baby is getting plump with fat development you will notice a stark weight gain that measures up to one or two pounds per week for next months.
  • When you are 32 weeks pregnant your baby would be around 17 to 18 inches tall and weighs around 4 pounds. This week will bring intensified pain in back, lower back and stomach due to increasing fetus.


33 weeks pregnant

  •  This week will arrive with intensified leg cramps and lack of sleep in the mothers. The insomnia would get worst accompanied by aggravated back and belly pain.
  • The baby would continue to gain weight during this week and his/her skin would become pinkish instead of the transparent white due to continuous fat buildup.
  • You can observe major changes in the bones and structure of face that takes a firm shape with marked development in nose. The bridge of the nose and nose itself will get properly formed.
  • The discomfort for mother will start to increase because every position would bring pain or dizziness.


  • The most prominent symptom that mothers experience at this stage is Braxton Higgs which is also known as false contractions and cause higher intensity pain that is similar to labor.
  • The lungs that were underdeveloped are fully formed at this stage with marked improvement in bone structure. As the baby is growing there will be a little space remaining in uterus that would induce greater feeling for kicks and other baby movements.
  • 33 weeks pregnant mothers carry a baby that weighs around 6 pounds and height is 18 inches. From now on the augmentation would be primarily on weight rather than length or height.

The 32 and 33 weeks pregnant mothers experience several prominent changes in the body and it is this time when the baby would get positioned properly for delivery. 

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