Callista and Newt Gingrich

Callista Gingrich, wife of Newt Gingrich, who is a Republican candidate for the presidential post read the book “Sweet Land of Liberty” to hospital patients. Around 75 journalists coming from various parts of the world, photograph Callista Gingrich during her visit to the Medical University of South Carolina children’s hospital. She was with her husband, and Newt was left overwhelmed by this gesture of her, which showed the traits of their successful marriage life.

Perhaps what interested the people more was the question whether Newt Gingrich would succeed in catching up to Mitt Romney who was way ahead in the polls or, would he just be a spectator of his melting recent momentum after the various allegations put by his ex-wife of his wish for an open marriage, along with various assaults by Romney’s team on his character.

Now, it was the polls that would make the actual decision and the voters of South Carolina would be the decisive factor.

The presence of her wife, Callista Gingrich along with him for the election campaigns shows great enthusiasm and the zeal with which she supported her husband and stood by him so that he does not feel lonely during his thick and thins. There were various accusations made by her husband’s ex-wife on him that showed the signs of an unsuccessful marriage of his, leading to the failure of his earlier marriage. At the same time, there were also many accusations coming from opposition campaigns who pointed fingers on Newt Gingrich’s character. But despite all those rumors and allegations, Callista Gingrich stood by her husband, accompanied him and made him feel safe and sound amid all those accusations so that he could do campaign with full confidence, support, and promote for the presidential post. In short, Callista Gingrich proves to be a lady in every way.

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