Bausch & Lomb for a Better Vision

When it comes to vision correction products, spectacles and contact lenses are one of the best solutions and convenient alternative to have a clear vision. With myriad of brands that are into large scale manufacturing and wide distribution of optical products, the brand that has established its unique image in the minds of target customers is Bausch and Lomb.

The foundation of this company was laid years back in 1853, when a small optical shop was opened in Rochester, New York, USA by John Jacob Bausch. He later on brought his friend Henry Lomb into the business as his business partner. With unwavering efforts to succeed, the business achieved new heights and came to be known by the name of Bausch and Lomb.

Today, the brand is recognized as one of the oldest, well known and highly esteemed ones throughout the world. It offers top quality optical products that include varied types of contact lenses. These lenses are fabricated accurately and crafted with high quality taking into consideration the international specifications. With continuous innovation, the brand continues to be at the forefront of offering high technological optical products.  In 1971, the company developed ground-breaking optical products which incorporated the introduction of Soft Contact Lenses. After which, the legacy for innovation continued with the introduction of various lenses that include Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Contact Lenses, Extended Wear Contact Lenses, Disposable (Replacement Schedule) Contact Lenses and more. The lenses that Bausch and Lomb offers are made up of supreme quality materials which are safe and effective. The materials used in the manufacturing of these lenses are soft, flexible plastic or glass which adjusts automatically to the shape of the eyes and provide a clear vision. Apart from correcting the vision problems, these lenses also serve the purpose of safeguarding the eyes from dust, dirt and other pollutants. Bausch and Lomb wide spectrum of contact lenses can be purchased from specialized retail outlets, online shopping portals and exclusive showrooms of the brand.

Bausch and Lomb are among the leading producers of vision correcting products which are hailed for their quality, innovation and craftsmanship. Through the course of time, Bausch and Lomb has continued to be better by offering new products which are all furbished with novel technology. The thorough research work that it undertakes before beginning the production of any product is the reason for their 100% compliance on the scale of quality. With the existence in the industry for a long time, the company has carved a niche and gained the trust of the people who are wishing to have solution for their vision problems. So free yourself from the tension of vision problems with the Bausch and Lomb’s vision correcting contact lenses where people are guaranteed to see better.

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