Apparently, pumping ozone gas in their vaginas is the new cure-all for women. So what if the FDA says it’s toxic?

Yes, the vaginal-ozone therapy is now a thing.

Women are banking on ozone to treat vaginal infections. Photo: Shutterstock/IndiaPicture


It seems like body fads and cosmetic procedures have no limits at all–especially when it comes to maintaining your lady parts. From labiaplasty to get Barbie-like vaginas to using wasp nests to tighten the vaginal muscles–women are going all out in a bid to ‘nurture’ their genitals. 

According to report in Independent, the latest body fad to join the bandwagon of these bizarrely disturbing trends is the vaginal-ozone therapy.

Already tried in Bali by a Broadly reporter, Theodora Sutcliffe, the treatment involves inserting an ozone-pumping cannula into the vagina. It is said to be pain-free and lasts only 20 minutes.

Describing her experience of the therapy, Sutcliffe said, “The flow is reassuringly light. No symphony of queefs. No unnerving tingling. No uncomfortable fullness.”

Apparently, the ozone gas has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal effects and thus, pumping it into the vagina benefits pelvic and labia pain and prevents HIV, yeast, bacterial, and viral infections. Or so, an alternative medicine business in Pennsylvania claims.

However, as per a review published in web-based library, PubMed, ozone treatments for HIV infection were shown to have no significant effects. Moreover, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines ozone as a “toxic gas with no known useful medical application”. In fact, the FDA has prosecuted and sent several people presenting themselves as medical doctors selling ozone therapy to jail according to the American online newspaper SunSentinel.

So, while ozone might be one of the most powerful oxidizing agents and has the potential to cure a lot of diseases, we still feel that women must steer clear of such treatments till the time the benefits are not proven and the treatments aren’t approved by the authorities. After all, nothing is worth risking your health for.

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