8 List Of Best Bare Minerals Makeup Products

More and more beauty-conscious women are turning to mineral makeup products thanks to the increasing awareness about the harmful effects of chemicals in synthetic makeup products. Mineral beauty products are enriched with essential natural minerals that our skin need to stay vitalized and nourished. Some important skincare minerals are zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, mica, iron oxides etc.

One of the most prominent names in the mineral makeup and skincare products industry is Bare Minerals – the mineral-based makeup line from the renowned cosmetic company Bare Escentuals.

What Is Bare Minerals All About?

Mineral skincare products from Bare Minerals are natural, and contain pure, mineral ingredients instead of synthetic chemicals. Bare Minerals makeup products are superior for your skin, general health, and for the eco-system. This popular brand of mineral makeup contains 100% pure cosmetic and skincare products. Bare Minerals actually commenced the great wave of mineral makeup revolution under the leadership of Leslie Blodgett, the CEO of Bare Escentuals.

The mineral makeup products are specially formulated to help women attain beautiful, healthy-looking skin by using products that are made without preservatives, fillers, oils, fragrances and binders. The company claims that their entire lines of mineral skincare products are made using the finest ingredients in order to perfect and pamper the skin tone of women of all ages and skin types.

6 Top Bare Minerals Makeup Products

Minerals are at the heart of Bare Minerals, and the makeup range features an ultimate mix of makeup and skincare products. The products are so light that you will feel as if you are wearing no makeup at all.

Bare Minerals Get Started Kit

The Bare Minerals Get Started Kit is specially designed for those who are new to Bare Minerals. There are five types of Bare Minerals Get Started Kit.

They are: the 8-piece Customisable Get Started Kit; Get Started Complexion Kit containing everything that you need for great complexion from foundation to finishing touches; the 8-piece Get Started: Eyes, Cheeks, Lips; Bare Guide to Color – Cool; and Bare Guide to Color – Warm. The latter two ‘Get Started’ collections are new, and include beautiful, wearable shades for eyes, lips and cheeks, in addition easy-to-follow steps for creating three unique looks.

Bare Minerals Original SPF 15 Foundation

Mineral foundation is one of the cornerstone products of the makeup giant. The company claims that their foundation is so light and clear that you can even sleep in it. The mineral foundation is specially prepared with nourishing creamy minerals to offer naturally luminous finish to any skin types. The texture of this foundation is soft and silky and will not clump or blotch. It effortlessly provides the much needed flawless coverage and will enhance the look of your skin in due course. It will effectively lessen the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

This powder foundation requires the user to follow a different type of application method, when compared to other synthetic cream and liquid foundations. Gently swirl a makeup brush into the powder and tap off any excess powder from the brush. It can be buffed on the skin with the brush in circular motion starting from the back of the cheek bones to the center. Keep layering until the desired coverage is achieved. If correctly applied, your skin will reflect natural radiance and a natural bare skin look.

Mineral Veil Finishing Powder

Mineral Veil Finishing Powder is formulated as a translucent  skin perfecting powder that will ensure a smooth and ‘go bare’ look for your skin. This luminous and ultra light weight 100% pure finishing powder for the face melts into your skin without giving any caked appearance.

This powder can be buffed on top of the mineral foundation to get long-lasting and ultimate finishing touch. This wonder powder absorbs excess oil and minimizes the appearance of lines and pores. There are different varieties of mineral veils products that contain SPF 15 and SPF 25 UVA/UVB sun protection elements.

Bare Minerals Ready SPF 15 Touch p Veil is infused with SeaNutritive MineralTM Complex that is proven to provide skin-nourishing benefits. Air-brushed perfection can be achieved through all ranges of mineral Veil products.

Bare Minerals Brighteners and Concealers

Well-Rested Face and Eye Brightener comes in a handy pen-like tool. The product is specially formulated to give instant brightness and luster to any dull complexion. The product is richly infused with light-reflecting minerals. The ingredients ensure that an even skin tone is achieved along with offering diminished appearance of dark spots and tans. SPF 20 Correcting Concealer is a creamy product to offer superior lightweight coverage.

A radiant, even-toned complexion is guaranteed by using this product. Stroke of Light Eye Brightener is designed to give an instantly brightened appearance to the eye area. It effectively reduces the appearance of dark circles and fine lines around eyes.

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Bare Minerals Face Primer

Bare Minerals’ range of face primer products are particularly made to cover up the appearance of enlarged pores, bumpy texture and peeling dryness.

Seamless coverage can be easily achieved by first applying Bare Minerals SPF 15 Foundation and primer on top of it. There are varied variations to primer products such as: Oil Control Foundation Primer, Brightening Foundation Primer, Bare vitamins Skin Rev-er Upper etc.

Bare Minerals Radiance

Bare Minerals Radiance makeup products made to offer the classic nude look. The powder is infused with rich minerals that provide radiant amber sheen. The Radiance products are sure to re-establish the fresh, dewy look into your skin making it naturally young-looking and glowing.

The zero-irritability factor of all Bare Minerals makeup products make the range a favorite for women of all age groups and skin types. Bare Minerals makeup products are launched with the intention not only to make you look good, but also to be good for your skin. The mineral makeup line promises to enhance your skin from the outside in through naturally derived minerals.

Major good news to all mineral makeup lovers is that Bare Minerals have launched a range of mineral skincare products also. This new line of products contains ActiveSoil Complex as the key mineral-rich element that powers all Bare Minerals Skincare products. The products are specially formulated to offer nourishing and skin renewing benefits to all types of skin tones and types.

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