5 types of footwear which that are anti-saree

Ladies are the ultimate experts when it comes to fashion and trends but sometimes a few of them just forget what it actually takes to be stylish. We all love to experiment but sometimes these experiments result in weird styles which turn into biggest fashion disasters. So, if you want to save yourself criticism and do not want to disappoint your favorite saree, avoid the following footwear when you dress up in the beautiful saree. Saree might be the most versatile and popular dresses but the common saree snags are more than one can imagine.

Sports shoes – As the name itself suggests, they are meant for sports like activities and not weddings and festivals. We know sport shoes are too comfortable and loved by all, but that clearly does not mean they can be worn with any attire. If you are very aged and wrinkled and have ankle problems, wearing them is still justified but on any fit woman these shoes would be a blunder when paired with a saree. These are a big NO NO on a saree. And sometimes, style does come before comfort!

Wedges- Yes, we are not saying that heels do not look good on sarees. They in fact look best on a saree but wedges, a big and bold NO. If you wear with saree, we assure you will get all the attention you want but for obvious reasons! Always wear pointed heels or if you are not comfortable in them, heels are not mandatory.
Chappals – No women ever would dream to move out of her house in chappals under a saree, never ever. But well, some still do. This blunder should be avoided no matter how heavily embroidered the chappals are or how matching they are to your saree. You can always find a lot of other comfortable alternatives to chappals.
Booties- Women love these types of footwear and wear them often, especially the younger chunk of women. No doubt about how cool they look in your shoe wardrobe but that does not mean you can wear them even with a traditional outfit.
Floaters – People believe that these go with every outfit but that’s false. They would never go well with a saree.

So, the next time you buy cheap sarees online, shop for the appropriate footwear too for the complete dazzling look. With the incorrect choice of footwear, you saree too will fail to make a mark.

The author is a fashion blogger currently writing for getsetlo.com and loves to write on various types of Indian and western wear and how to wear them.

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