4 Strategies That Can Help You Make Millions Using Facebook Ads

Facebook can be described as the most under-utilised channel for online advertising. Since it emerged as a potential social media platform, it has connected a huge user base with nearly 1.4 billion monthly active users. However, most of these users do not still use Facebook ads due to lack of proper understanding about the strategies and Facebook ad network. Ben Simkin is a Facebook marketing genius who managed to leverage the benefits of this platform by churning out a turnover of $1 billion in sales resulting from Facebook ads. He believes that almost every business can benefit from Facebook ads only if it knows the best strategies for using it.

1. Proceed With A Formula:

After spending millions of dollars on this platform and generating more than $1 billion in revenues, Ben Simkin has clearly contemplated the formula for creating the right strategy to attain success in this domain. He puts forth the formula of TOM that stands for Target Offer Message. It implies that you need to provide the right offer to the right targets using the right message. An offer will be good only if it is targeted to the right group and a message is appropriate if it properly articulates the offer and explains its value.

2. Stay Focused On Targeting:

This is an important step in creating a Facebook ad campaign. Simkin believes that finding the target markets is an extensive exercise that needs you to think beyond general ideas of studying gender, location, and age of the consumers. His team spends 2-4hours for studying the targeted audiences by delving deeper into their values, behaviours, lifestyle, interests, and believes.

3. Personalise The Ads Accordingly:

Finding the target markets is the step half taken. For a comprehensive approach, you should think small and focus on audience definition for a specific niche. Narrowing down the details of your audience will help in making robust strategies for Facebook ads. Simkin, The CEO of online marketing form BusinessNET advises the marketers to choose a few areas to be targeted and then, pick their age groups, their education, relationship status, and interests.

4. Create Exceptional Messages:

It is always important to create an excellent message to deliver your offer in the right manner to the target audiences. In fact, the copy of your ad can completely make or mar your entire campaign. Create an engaging headline and use the simple words in the body of the text. Use fewer words and make them effective.

Following these approaches advised by Ben Simkin, you can definitely ensure the success of your Facebook advertising initiatives.

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